about jkcrowns photography…

Jkcrowns photography is not your average photography with percise poses and perfect smiles.  My studio is anywhere I have the time and flexibility to point and shoot.  Photography has always been a passion of mine and has recently joined the ranks of writing and painting.  I never profess to be the best as there have been a recent surge of amazing photographers who have years of experience.  But I hope to soon catch up to their skills soon.  But for now I will keep on learning new shots, trying new settings, and fiddling with different photography softwares.  I hope you come back from time to time to see the progress of my journey into the lens.  My subjects range from the tiniest leaf floating in a puddle outside my home to a landscape view of an ocean shared by two lovers.  


Who am I?
Well who are you looking for?

I am the person on the other side of the lense looking at your life and finding hidden treasures.  I am the one who captures your essence.  And I do it all for the thrill of your delight.