love the hat

Playing around with different ways to pose.  Obviously, as you can tell, I am not a huge fan of normal pictures!  Oh and if you are wondering (for those of you who see these pictures and actually care 😉 ) my hair is longer on one side.  I thought I would  have a race with the strands of the two sides and offer a free hair mask  to the side that wins.  Actually, it started with a slight difference in a posh bob and then it got longer.  I haven’t decided if I want to cut it yet because this is the longest my hair has been in over 10 years.  It seems it took a little abnormality to grow it out.  Who would have thought? 😉


vivid and up close

Me: in perspective.  No, this is not my typical apparence or facial expression.  How many pictures do we have of ourselves in pretty poses with a nice wide smile?  Enough to fill boxes and boxes with unopened film and school labled envelopes.  But how many pictures show how goofy you really are, or worried about making an interview?  How many show your darkest hours, your scarriest, or embarressing moments?  It’s these moment that really show who we are.  Now, we don’t usually like to remember these moments, but what if we did?  What if we captured our vulnerability and pulled those memories back to frame when, as it always does, the moment shows it’s nasty face again.  Then may we remember how we pulled through the first time.