good old iPhone pics with Lightroom edits

As we all know, the iPhone is getting pretty good at taking nice pictures. However, I am working on perfecting the 1.2 megapixel front facing camera. It’s perfect for showing off your new hat or the never to go away duck lips. However, at times it is so grainy and allows too much light in. So, I have been working on a few Lightroom improvements to the front facing photos I have taken.  I never profess to be perfect but I love learning!


Grainy but not a horrible picture taken at dusk on Fernandina Beach with my fiancé on the 4th of July.




Brighter, less grain and more focus on us; this photo is not retouched just edited so there are no unnecessary shadows on our faces from the cloudy and setting sun.





A quick picture I snapped at the pool.  The pool is so white with the added light in the background that it makes it looks like the sun is in front of me.




Less light and more focus on the subject, my hat, my vibrant dress, and me (with proper skin tones)!





So while watching my cousins, who call me Aunt Jessica, we decided to walk to the park down the street. Parks are a little different around here and they love it!!! I only had my iPhone so I had to make the best of what I had but the shots were priceless! More to come!
Here is the oldest on the newest swings!

He was actually pretty good at staying on this tire rotator.


Eva Jane

So even though my camera battery died I was able to capture a few beautiful shots of one of my best friend’s baby. Caroline is a long time friend of mine and we have been talking babies for a few years. Now, her Ava Jane is here and she is just as perfect as we both imagined! I love her to pieces!
Thank you Caroline for letting me love on her!

This is how I found the lovely lady. So long and beautiful! Yep, she will be a model.

Bubbles!!! Sleepy little girl.

This is my favorite picture! I finally woke her up and what does she do… reach for her mommy! I literally cried at how precious this moment was to me. To see my friend finally a mommy!

Can you tell I’ve been in tears! I’m so in love!

beautiful couple

Such a beautiful couple made perfectly for one another! Tim was my Sunday school teacher in high school. I am so happy he found the perfect bride! Melinda is so lovely! (Trying to fix the dullness on here. They aren’t dull in real life, lol)